Sorting Live s.r.o. offers services for the automotive industry.

Sorting Live s.r.o. is a dynamic company that is ready to respond promptly to all the needs of its customers. We can start the offered services in a very short time. We work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We have an experienced team of employees who have many years of experience in the automotive industry. Our range is unlimited both in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. We will assemble a work team exactly according to your requirements.  We are reliable and we always do quality work. We adapt all entered work orders to the customer’s requirements. We have our own premises, which can be used for both sorting work and small production work.

Other services

Wet painting

We paint metal and plastic parts by wet painting. The manual paint shop has a manual spray booth with application technology. We use low-pressure, medium-pressure, high-pressure and electrostatic guns. The painting line includes a curing and firing chamber furnace up to 250 °C.

We specialize mainly in painting components for producing cars and lorries. We can paint small series from 100 items. We can paint up to 10,000 parts per month. For large orders we can operatively secure free capacity to increase production.

We can offer the use of sufficiently large operating spaces. There are intermediate warehouses of accepted production, preparation room, manual paint shop, dryer and intermediate warehouse of finished products.

We guarantee quality painting. We use high quality paints: water-based, solvent-based, K2, paints based on silicone resins with high thermal conductivity.

To achieve the highest quality we work according to ISO standards.

If you are interested, we will prepare a specific quote for you.

The structure of the production process

Material preparation
• preparing material for painting
• quality and quantity control of parts
• cleaning parts, if necessary
• hanging on paint jigs

• receiving material for painting
• cleaning and degreasing parts
• our own manual painting

Final treatment
• receiving material from the dryer
• paint quality control
• grinding parts or polishing as required

• packaging
• expedition


Work Equipment

Sorting Live s.r.o. has all the equipment needed to provide the services offered.


Our employees have their own hand tools for carrying out the ordered activities.

• files
• scrapers
• steel brushes
• universal sets of deburring tools
• sandpaper and canvas

Optical technology

To optically inspect surfaces, our employees use the following optical technology.

• classic magnifiers or with lighting
• lamps
• microscope
• technocope


We use calibrated gauges for standard measurements of lengths and angles.

• digital cavitation meters
• digital dial indicators
• torque wrenches
• digital sliders
• unthreaded gauges
• roller gauges
• non-slip sliders
• micrometres
• protractors
• proportional rulers
• angles

Machinery equipment
• grinders
• hot air guns
• cordless screwdrivers
• cordless drills
• belt sanders
• angle grinders
• hand drills

Protective equipment

Our employees are equipped in accordance with the legal regulations with protective work aids according to the type of work.

• work clothes
• work shoes
• protective glasses
• protective shields
• work gloves
• respirators
• tapes


We can provide the required activities in our own premises.

Vehicle fleet

We can arrange all transport of material by our fleet.


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