Sorting Live s.r.o. offers services for the automotive industry.

Sorting Live s.r.o. is a dynamic company that is ready to respond promptly to all the needs of its customers. We can start the offered services in a very short time. We work 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We have an experienced team of employees who have many years of experience in the automotive industry. Our range is unlimited both in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe. We will assemble a work team exactly according to your requirements.  We are reliable and we always do quality work. We adapt all entered work orders to the customer’s requirements. We have our own premises, which can be used for both sorting work and small production work.


Sorting Live s.r.o.

Liberec branch and office:
Norská 32/42
460 01 Liberec 1
Czech Republic

Registered office of the company
Víska 92
464 01 Višňová


+420 724 264 662 for English speaking partners


ID number: 27333060
VAT: CZ27333060

Contact persons

Marek Život
Company executive
+420 606 575 701

Marek Život ml.
Sales Representative
+420 724 264 662

Aleš Zbořil
Deputy Production Manager
+420 724 264 660

Alena Životová
+420 724 264 663

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